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There is a tremendous amount of responsibilities placed upon the individual in the role of Trustee under Florida law. Trustees are given much power and with that power, the law imposes many protections against the possible temptations to abuse that power that might arise. Under the Florida Trust Code, trustees are fiduciaries with established duties and corresponding liabilities.

A trustee must act in allegiance and with loyalty to the beneficiaries of the trust; a failure to meet his fiduciary duties can expose the trustee to personal liability. Accordingly, it is extremely important for a trustee to seek experienced legal guidance in the carrying out of his work as trustee in order to avoid or limit exposure of his personal assets to claims by the trust beneficiaries in any breach of fiduciary cause of action.

One roll of the trustee is to review trust holdings and investment performance, to ensure the proper use of trust assets for the benefit of the beneficiary. Mr. Busbin has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional since 2010 and has years of experience in developing, implementing, and reviewing investment strategies. This experience allows Mr. Busbin to objectively review the performance of investment managers and ensure that trust assets are invested correctly for the benefit of the beneficiary.